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The secret behind any tasty food is the ingredients and its origin. Sourcing the freshest ingredients is what gives our food its mouth watering flavours. This is where we differentiate from others with our unique and authentic blend of spices . Authenticity is maintained through the method of preparation and recipes.

Our business model is 100 percent sustainable as we take advantage of locally sourced ingredients-not just produce but also goods, diary, seafood,groceries, eggs and more. 85% of our food budget is spent on local goods. We insist reusable dishware and reusable packaging containers. We recycle food and plastic packaging waste which arises due to shopping. We encourage and create sustainability awareness and change in food habits that emits less CO2 into the atmosphere.

We publish our carbon emission and also adapt to change. Our menus keeps changing as we keep pushing our limits and targets to increate sustainability. Komban will be the first take away in UK to publish the carbon emission for 2020/2021.

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